June 23, 2024

The New York Giants presently possess approximately $24 million in available cap space for the year 2024, as reported by Over the Cap. Given the pressing needs to address significant gaps in the roster, the team is likely to explore avenues to increase their cap space before the start of the new league year in March.

Amidst these considerations, veteran offensive lineman Mark Glowinski emerges as a potential cap casualty. Kris Knox, a writer for Bleacher Report, has singled him out as the “most obvious” candidate for release within the Giants roster in the upcoming offseason. Knox argued that Glowinski has not lived up to the expectations set by his three-year, $18.3 million deal signed in 2022, highlighting that the lineman was “effectively benched early in the [2023] season.”

The analyst further concluded, “Releasing Glowinski should be a straightforward decision, given that he will turn 32 in May and has not proven to be a reliable starter for the Giants.” The move, while incurring a dead-cap hit of $1.5 million, would result in a significant cap space saving of $5.6 million.

While parting ways with offensive linemen might not seem prudent considering the numerous player absences in 2023, it’s the necessary decision in Glowinski’s case.

The NFL veteran, with nine years of experience, commenced 18 games in 2022, inclusive of playoff appearances. However, in the current year, his participation dwindled to only six starts, mainly due to the prevalent injuries within the team.

Glowinski faced his first benching following a challenging performance against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 1, where he conceded nine quarterback pressures and three sacks, as reported by Pro Football Focus. Subsequently, the 31-year-old lineman returned to the starting lineup in Week 5 after experiencing limited action in the preceding three weeks.

Glowinski’s brief resurgence extended until Week 9, where he did not play. Ultimately, he concluded the season with a total of 13 appearances and made his final start in Week 18, marking his sixth of the year and 24th overall as a member of the Giants.

In the final assessment, his performance was graded by PFF with a 69.6 in run blocking, which is considered decent. However, his pass protection statistics were subpar, with a pass-blocking grade of 53.4, which encompassed six charged sacks and 24 quarterback pressures in just 303 passing snaps.

For context, Glowinski was on the field for 695 pass-blocking snaps in 2022 and allowed only five sacks and 37 quarterback pressures. It is evident that the guard experienced a significant regression in his second year with the Giants.

Giant OL Mark Glowinski called cut candidate in 2024.

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