June 25, 2024

In the offseason, players often express their thoughts more openly, and Chicago Bears cornerback Jaylon Johnson took the opportunity to discuss two key points. During an appearance on Keyshawn Johnson’s podcast “All Facts, No Brakes,” Johnson conveyed his desire for quarterback Justin Fields to remain with the team, echoing the sentiment of many players. Additionally, he emphasized his ambition to secure a contract that reflects his status as one of the highest-paid cornerbacks in the league.

Jaylon Johnson emphasized that he believes in quarterback Justin Fields’ potential and doesn’t support the notion of quickly discarding him. He pointed out the importance of coaches taking accountability for developing the quarterback and expressed concern about Fields having multiple coordinators in a short period. Johnson highlighted the need for a supportive environment around Fields, including a reliable quarterback coach, offensive coordinator, a strong offensive line, and additional playmakers to put him in the best position to succeed.

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Jaylon Johnson revealed that the criticism directed at Justin Fields during the season served as a unifying force for the team, motivating them to play harder. He emphasized the players’ awareness of the truth about Fields and the challenging circumstances he faced. Johnson expressed the team’s commitment to backing up Fields each week despite external opinions. While acknowledging the emotional connection and support for Fields within the locker room, he also acknowledged the need for GM Ryan Poles to make decisions based on a balanced assessment, considering both emotional factors and the team’s future needs.

Jaylon Johnson expressed his aspiration to become the highest-paid cornerback in the league during upcoming contract negotiations. He explicitly stated his goal of aiming for the top spot in terms of salary among cornerbacks. Currently, Jaire Alexander of the Green Bay Packers holds the title of the highest-paid cornerback, with an average contract value of $21 million per year. This declaration from Johnson provides clarity on his financial expectations as discussions about his contract unfold.

Jaylon Johnson emphasized his impressive achievements, including being named All-Pro and making the Pro Bowl, as reasons supporting his claim to become the highest-paid cornerback. With the ball metaphorically in his court, Johnson asserted his position and expressed confidence in his worth. The Chicago Bears have the option to use the franchise tag, valued at $18.8 million in 2024, to retain Johnson if an agreement is not reached during negotiations. His outstanding performance last season, marked by a career-high four interceptions and recognition as the highest-graded NFL cornerback by Pro Football Focus, further strengthens his case for a lucrative contract.

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