June 24, 2024

Jon Jones, the current undisputed UFC Heavyweight champion, faced a setback when a torn pectoral muscle during training forced the cancellation of his scheduled title defense against Stipe Miocic at UFC 295 in November 2023. Despite the injury, the UFC has not given up on including Jones in the UFC 300 event.

Jon Jones, who is currently sidelined until mid-to-late 2024 due to a torn pectoral muscle, underwent surgery on his left elbow to address bone chips and spurs. Despite his ongoing recovery, Jones revealed that he received an offer to compete in the significant UFC 300 event scheduled for April 13, 2024.

Jon Jones shared on Twitter that he was contacted and presented with the opportunity to fight at UFC 300. Despite the offer, both parties acknowledged that he wouldn’t be ready for the event due to his ongoing recovery. Jones also mentioned that his relationship with the UFC is currently at its best.

Jon Jones clarified that while he is recovering well and has good mobility with his torn pectoral muscle, it is not yet at full strength. Additionally, he highlighted that the recent surgery on his left elbow, aimed at removing bone chips and spurs, was more painful due to the involvement of multiple ligaments. The wear and tear from his fighting style, which often involved powerful elbow strikes, contributed to these issues, according to doctors.

Despite the setbacks with his injuries, Jon Jones expressed contentment with his overall situation as he enters 2024.

In a reflective tweet, Jon Jones acknowledged the transformation in his life over the past decade. Ten years ago, he described himself as immature and money-driven. Fast forward to the present, he is the reigning Heavyweight champion, likely one of the highest-paid athletes in the UFC, and has fostered a positive relationship with the organization. Jones imparted a message of resilience, urging others not to give up and to overcome challenges, referring to past adversities that left him embittered.

A Twitter user expressed confusion over Jon Jones’ last comment, wondering if it was directed towards UFC CEO Dana White. However, it was clarified that the comment was actually part of Jones’ ongoing rivalry with Daniel Cormier.

Jon Jones clarified that his comment was directed towards Daniel Cormier, not UFC CEO Dana White.

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