June 24, 2024

The New York Giants have received a valuable opportunity from the Reese’s Senior Bowl on January 19. Shea Tierney, the Giants’ quarterbacks coach, has been appointed as the offensive coordinator for the “National Team” at the Senior Bowl. As part of this role, Tierney will work closely with three quarterback prospects: Michael Penix Jr. from Washington, Bo Nix from Oregon, and Sam Hartman from Notre Dame.

This collaboration provides the Giants with firsthand exposure and insights into these quarterback prospects, as Tierney and Arizona Cardinals QB coach Israel Woolfork guide them through the Senior Bowl process. All three quarterbacks, Penix, Nix, and Hartman, are potential targets for the Giants in the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft. While they may be available at various points in the draft, Penix and Nix are considered possible first-round picks. The Senior Bowl experience allows the Giants to assess and evaluate these prospects in a hands-on setting, aiding in their decision-making process leading up to the draft.

The evaluation of quarterback prospects Michael Penix Jr. and Bo Nix for the 2024 NFL Draft varies, with opinions suggesting that both could potentially be first-round picks. However, some sources indicate that the No. 6 overall pick might be too high for either of these quarterback talents.

In a recent mock draft by respected NFL Network draft expert Daniel Jeremiah, Nix was chosen ahead of Penix. Nix was projected to be selected by the New Orleans Saints with the 14th overall pick, while Penix was not included in the first round. This perspective suggests that, according to Jeremiah’s assessment, Nix may be a more suitable mid-first-round selection, and Penix may fall outside of the initial round. The varying opinions on these prospects highlight the uncertainty and differing perspectives in the pre-draft evaluation process.

Daniel Jeremiah expressed his admiration for Bo Nix’s game, citing the quarterback’s extensive five years of starting experience and his perceived readiness for a “plug-and-play” role under center. Nix is recognized for his athleticism and strong arm. However, critics often point out his age, as he will turn 24 in February, and concerns about his on-field processing speed.

On the other hand, ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. offers a different perspective on the quarterback comparison. Kiper ranks Michael Penix Jr. as the fourth-best signal-caller in the draft class, while placing Bo Nix further down at QB6. Penix also earned a spot in Kiper’s top 25, ranking as the 17th best prospect in the 2024 draft class. These varying assessments by draft experts highlight the subjective nature of evaluating quarterback talent and the diverse opinions within the pre-draft analysis.

ESPN expert Mel Kiper Jr. has highlighted Michael Penix Jr.’s strengths, including his “arm talent, accuracy to all levels, decision-making, and toughness.” However, Kiper expressed a significant concern regarding Penix’s injury history, which includes prior issues with his shoulder and knees. Despite Penix’s positive attributes, the injury-related worries are a notable consideration. Similar to Bo Nix, Penix is an older prospect, turning 24 in May.

The analysis suggests that neither quarterback, whether it be Penix or Nix, is likely to be considered a top-six prospect in the upcoming draft. While there’s always the possibility that a team in need of a quarterback might fall in love with a particular player and make a reach in the draft, the Giants could explore the option of trading down and still securing either Penix or Nix. This strategy would allow them to acquire additional assets while addressing their quarterback needs with a potentially more favorable draft position.


Giants QB coach Shea Tierney working with Michael Penix and Bo Nix at the 2024 Super Bowl.

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