June 19, 2024

Mick Cronin, the head coach of the UCLA Bruins since 2019, has accumulated a commendable record of 107-46 during his tenure, including the ongoing season. Over the past five seasons, Cronin has led the Bruins to three NCAA tournament appearances and a notable final four appearance in the 2020 season. Despite his impressive coaching resume, the current season has proven challenging for Cronin, with UCLA standing at 8-10.

Recognizing the difficulties faced by the team, particularly due to inexperience, Cronin acknowledges the frustrations of the ongoing season. He understands the transient nature of coaching roles and the imperative of achieving success. Despite the team’s struggles, Cronin remains committed to UCLA and has expressed his desire for it to be his lasting coaching position. In response to speculation about his future, Cronin affirmed, “I love UCLA, trust me. I want it to be my last job. No matter what anybody says — I’ve heard stuff — I’m the coach at freaking UCLA. Like, come on, man. … To [predecessor] Ben Howland and me, we’ve sat in John Wooden’s chair. Come on, man. So I don’t want that narrative out there.”

There might be speculation circulating that Mick Cronin could be at risk of leaving if he fails to steer the Bruins towards a recovery in their struggling season. While it might seem unusual for UCLA to part ways with Cronin after just one losing season, the unpredictable nature of sports sometimes leads to such decisions. The recent disheartening 90-44 defeat against Utah marked the second-worst loss in the program’s history, creating a significant blemish on Cronin’s coaching record. Cronin is undoubtedly aware of the impact of such setbacks and the scrutiny that can arise in the world of sports.

Nevertheless, Mick Cronin has demonstrated a willingness to be self-aware and critical of his current team. He acknowledges the challenges they face, particularly with multiple inexperienced starters. Despite the hurdles, there are signs of improvement, with the Bruins currently on a two-game win streak, suggesting a resurgence in their performance.

The UCLA Bruins have faced challenges in stringing together consecutive wins since the start of the season. Mick Cronin emphasizes that winning one or two games won’t hold much significance unless the team demonstrates a stronger fighting spirit. In a recent game against Arizona State, the Bruins showcased resilience by overcoming a 15-point deficit to secure a victory, reflecting the toughness that Cronin has been emphasizing.

As the season unfolds, the future plans for Mick Cronin remain uncertain. While there may be rumors circulating about the possibility of him stepping down after a challenging season, the actual course of action is yet to be determined. Despite any speculation he may have heard, the decision regarding Cronin’s coaching duties remains unconfirmed at this point.


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