June 21, 2024

Buffalo faced a significant challenge as it was hit by a massive blizzard for the second time in less than a week leading up to Sunday’s NFL Divisional Round game between the Bills and Chiefs. The lake effect storm deposited over two feet of snow on Highmark Stadium from midweek through Friday.

Andy Major, the vice president of operations and guest experience for the organization, revealed on Friday that there was a staggering accumulation of no less than five feet of snow in the stands. Although they managed to clear the walkways in time for the last Monday’s game, the task of completely digging out the stands proved to be a formidable challenge.

With about 48 hours until kickoff, neither the field nor the stands were in a suitable condition to host an NFL playoff game. This prompted a collective effort to rally the troops and address the significant challenges posed by the snowy conditions.

In response to the challenging snow conditions, Buffalo sent out a call for help and enlisted the assistance of snow shovelers earning $20 an hour for the second consecutive weekend. The crew arrived in large numbers at 2:00 pm on Friday and promptly began their efforts to address the snow accumulation and prepare the stadium for the impending NFL playoff game.

By Saturday afternoon, the collective efforts of the hired snow shovelers had successfully cleared out all the snow, and no additional weather complications arose. Despite the bitter cold, the entire snow removal process was completed, ensuring that Highmark Stadium was free of snow come Sunday morning, just in time for the NFL playoff game.

Bills Mafia showcased their dedication and hard work in shoveling duties, ensuring that the field was in optimal condition. The grounds crew put in tremendous effort to meet the standards required for the game, and it turned out to be a great success.

Buffalo shared an impressive timelapse video on social media, capturing the transformation of the stadium from a snowy mess to a meticulously groomed, snow-free surface. The video, posted less than three hours before both teams took the field for the rematch, provided a stunning visual representation of the incredible effort that went into preparing the stadium for the game.

A special shoutout goes to every individual involved in the snow removal process at Highmark Stadium. The Buffalo Bills have mastered this process to a science, and witnessing the seamless execution from start to finish is truly tremendous. A job well done to everyone involved!

Buffalo Bills Snow Removal

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