June 21, 2024

Jerod Mayo, the head coach of the New England Patriots, addressed the future of quarterback Mac Jones in an interview on WEEI’s “The Greg Hill Show” on Monday. This discussion followed Bill Belichick, the former head coach, removing Jones from games on four separate occasions this season.

Mayo expressed his thoughts on Mac, acknowledging the quarterback’s evident talent. He emphasized that they are currently in the evaluation phase, recognizing the delicate nature of a player’s confidence, a crucial factor in today’s generation of players. Mayo highlighted the significance of confidence and stated that as the coaching staff continues the evaluation process, they will gain a clearer understanding.

Mayo’s remarks followed a report by Greg A. Bedard of Boston Sports Journal on Sunday, where a team source claimed that there was widespread dissatisfaction within the locker room with Mac Jones. The source suggested that Jones, a 25-year-old, was perceived as behaving like a prima donna, and there was a general sentiment of discontent among the team members. Earlier in the fall, there were indications that some players in New England had expressed a desire for Coach Belichick to start backup Bailey Zappe over Jones, even before the 2021 first-round draft pick was benched after Week 12.

Mayo emphasized on Monday that there is positive regard for both Bailey and Mac among the team members. He clarified that the decision ultimately revolves around determining who provides the team with the best chance of winning each game.

Certain members of the NFL community have openly held Belichick responsible for Jones’ decline. They point to the quarterback’s work with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels during the 2021 season, followed by interactions with assistants Matt Patricia and Joe Judge in 2022, and offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien in the most recent campaign.

Mayo acknowledged that both Jones and the coaching staff “made mistakes along the way,” particularly after Jones had a successful rookie season that earned him a Pro Bowl nod. However, he emphasized that when it comes to assigning blame, everyone shares a portion.

Recent mock drafts, including those by analysts like Ryan Wilson and Chris Trapasso of CBS Sports, consistently project the Patriots selecting a quarterback as Jones’ potential replacement in the upcoming draft.

Given the possibility that Jones might not have significant trade value, Mayo may soon face a decision on whether keeping the third-year pro as a backup for the 2024 season could have negative implications for the locker room.

Patriots HC Jerod Mayo speaks on future of QB Mac Jones

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