June 13, 2024

In Jerod Mayo’s quest for an offensive coordinator, a new candidate has entered the fray. The New England Patriots head coach is scheduled to conduct a Zoom interview with Dan Pitcher on Tuesday, as reported by NFL Network.

Dan Pitcher has been part of the Cincinnati Bengals coaching staff since 2016, initially working with wide receivers before being promoted to the role of quarterback’s coach in 2020, coinciding with the selection of Joe Burrow as the first overall pick. Pitcher’s contributions to the quarterback position reportedly earned him a lucrative contract extension last offseason, securing his continued association with the Bengals.

Beyond his involvement with Burrow, Pitcher played a significant role in the success of backup quarterback Jake Browning during the past season. He has also received credit for his contributions to game planning and holds a crucial role in designing the team’s third-down packages.

The New England Patriots are not the only team vying for Dan Pitcher’s services. He has interviews lined up with the Raiders and Saints later in the week, adding competition for his potential move. Cincinnati, where Pitcher is currently an assistant, may also make efforts to retain him on their staff. This situation arises following the departure of their offensive coordinator, Brian Callahan, who was named the head coach for the Tennessee Titans on Monday night.

Pitcher is the third name reported in Jerod Mayo’s search for an offensive coordinator, with Los Angeles Rams assistants Nick Caley and Zac Robinson being the other two. Mayo confirmed the interview with Caley on Monday when addressing the ongoing hiring process.

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