June 13, 2024

Bill Belichick, the ex-head coach of the New England Patriots, is in contention to become the next head coach for the Atlanta Falcons. However, he is facing competition from a familiar figure. The Falcons have conducted two interviews with Belichick following the dismissal of Arthur Smith after a disappointing season. Another candidate in the running is Mike Vrabel, the former head coach of the Tennessee Titans, who had a significant playing career under Belichick in New England. Vrabel has also undergone two interviews at the Falcons’ facility.

Bill Belichick departed from the New England Patriots after 24 seasons, concluding with a challenging 2023 campaign. Nevertheless, his legacy includes transforming the Patriots into a six-time Super Bowl-winning team, collaborating with Tom Brady and Robert Kraft. Mike Vrabel played a crucial role in this success, being a prominent figure in Belichick’s Patriots defense before transitioning to coaching. Despite achieving success with the Tennessee Titans, Vrabel’s recent departure could potentially pose a hurdle to Belichick’s pursuit of the next coaching position.

Is Bill Belichick the right head coach for the Falcons ...

Mike Vrabel experienced a successful tenure in Tennessee, securing 54 wins and 45 losses over six seasons. During his coaching stint, he guided the team to the AFC Championship in 2019 and earned recognition as the 2021 AP Coach of the Year. Vrabel’s accomplishments have garnered respect in the NFL, particularly from his former coach, Bill Belichick. Despite both being contenders for the top job with the Falcons, Belichick expressed his high regard for Vrabel a few months ago during Vrabel’s induction into the Patriots’ Hall of Fame.

Mike’s one of the players, I would say, that really benefited from free agency,” said Belichick. “He was on a very good team in Pittsburgh, played behind two very good players, didn’t get to play much – defensively, he played in the kicking game. We had an opportunity here. We were playing a 3-4 defense. He was a 3-4 outside linebacker. It was a good fit for him, and he had two good players ahead of him at Pittsburgh.

“So, he came here, had a great career, obviously he was a great match for Willie [McGinest]. Willie was a good complement to him. Having been through the [Carl] Banks/[Lawrence] Taylor situation at the Giants. That’s a good complement to have two good outside linebackers vs. one.

“Mike was a very cerebral player, smart player, played inside linebacker for us when we needed him – which wasn’t often, but he could do it. He was the kind of guy that at practice would take reps at every position, free safety, strong safety, occasionally defensive line. If there was a certain player we were trying to replicate, he would jump in there and do that.

“It was competitive, especially with him and [Tom] Brady, quite entertaining at times, to be honest with you. Mike had a great personality, great love for the game, passionate, high energy, very strong. Mike’s really strong, physically strong player, handled the tackles, obviously could handle tight ends, good power rusher, and had enough moves to go with it. His strength was his length, his power, and his intelligence. He was a good tackler.”

On Vrabel’s ability as a coach, Belichick added: “No surprise that he went into coaching, no surprise he’s been successful. Good, smart football player and coach, good fundamentals.”

Vrabel and Belichick are among several candidates who have either undergone a second interview or have one scheduled with Atlanta. Houston Texans offensive coordinator Bobby Slowik and Michigan head coach – and National Champion – Jim Harbaugh are scheduled for Thursday.

Mike Vrabel

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