June 21, 2024

Each club typically conducts an internal end-of-season review after completing their campaign. South Sydney’s success in 2024 hinges on the honesty and thoroughness of their self-assessment behind closed doors.

The Rabbitohs, under coach Jason Demetriou, faced a troubling situation as they topped the league after 11 rounds but unexpectedly failed to make it to the finals. This discrepancy is a major cause for concern, indicating that while the team possessed the necessary firepower to compete with any NRL opponent, they faltered under pressure during the crucial stretch leading up to the finals.

Adding to the challenges, internal issues surfaced as assistant coaches Sam Burgess and John Morris chose to depart while the club was still in contention during the finals.

Serious allegations of preferential treatment towards marquee players Latrell Mitchell and Cody Walker, including claims that they had to train less than their teammates, require thorough investigation. Coach Jason Demetriou must address these concerns and take proactive steps to ensure that such talks are eradicated, promoting fairness and unity within the team.

The inclusion of Jack Wighton into an already formidable backline provides Souths with considerable talent and potential for a successful 2024 campaign. However, the team must confront and overcome the challenges and disappointments of the previous season’s downfall in order to emerge as a formidable force once again. Burying the demons of that past setback is essential for South Sydney to regain their competitive edge and make a significant impact in the upcoming season.

Lachlan Ilias, the promising No.7 for the Rabbitohs, is an emerging talent, although the question of whether he can guide Souths to a premiership is still uncertain.

While Ilias may not possess the same level of class or experience as the marquee halves in the NRL, he enjoys the support of Coach Demetriou. The lessons learned from the challenges faced in the 2023 season are expected to contribute to his development as a player, potentially enhancing his abilities and making him a stronger asset for the team.

Dean Hawkins, another capable halfback in the Rabbitohs’ lineup, adds competition and depth to the team, providing a challenge that will keep Lachlan Ilias on his toes.

As the 2024 season kicks off, few players will face more scrutiny than Ilias. His capacity to handle the pressure will play a pivotal role in determining the success or failure of the Rabbitohs’ campaign. The healthy competition between Ilias and Hawkins could be a driving force for elevated performances and overall improvement in the team’s dynamics.

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