June 23, 2024

The Las Vegas Raiders are actively seeking young talent to enhance their roster in the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft. Under the new leadership of Coach Antonio Pierce and General Manager Tom Telesco, the Raiders are in the midst of an exciting era in Las Vegas, aiming to establish a winning culture and recruit players who can contribute to their success. While the Raiders boast a solid defensive team with youthful prospects in the secondary, they may be exploring additional long-term options, particularly at cornerback.

Fortunately, the 2024 draft class presents several promising cornerbacks, including Michigan’s Mike Sainristil. Originally from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Sainristil initially played as a wide receiver for the Wolverines for three seasons but made the transition to cornerback in 2022. His defensive performance was outstanding from the start, concluding the 2022 season with impressive statistics, including 58 total tackles, six and a half tackles for loss, two sacks, and an interception. In 2023, he continued to excel with four tackles for loss and six interceptions.

Sainristil’s remarkable contributions earned him recognition as a First-Team All-American and First-Team All-Big Ten member during the previous season. As the Raiders aim to fortify their roster, Sainristil emerges as a potential candidate to bolster their cornerback position.

Despite standing at 5-foot-11 and weighing 182 pounds, Sainristil’s smaller stature can be deceiving, as he is anything but timid on the field. Displaying physicality as a cornerback, he doesn’t shy away from delivering impactful hits in the run game and fearlessly takes on larger opponents. Sainristil’s background as a wide receiver has significantly influenced his abilities as a cornerback. His transition is marked by speed, fluid movement, and impressive flexibility, making him a dynamic and agile player. Additionally, his experience as a receiver is evident in his adeptness at lining up against opposing receivers, showcasing exceptional footwork and the ability to mirror their movements effectively.

Sainristil not only excels in the run game but also demonstrates impressive coverage skills. According to Pro Football Focus, he was targeted 50 times, allowing 29 receptions while successfully defending six passes. His exceptional instincts, coupled with his physical approach, contribute to his effectiveness in coverage. Given his size, Sainristil is ideally suited as a slot cornerback in the NFL, and this may pose some limitations at the professional level. Additionally, he has a tendency to rely on arm tackles, which may prove challenging in the league, particularly given his smaller stature. Sainristil is anticipated to be a day two selection in the draft and could be a suitable choice for the Raiders if available in the third round.

Mike Sainristil - Football - University of Michigan Athletics


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