June 13, 2024

There have been villains among Georgia football fans. Among them are Erik Ainge, Gary Danielson, Sheldon Richardson, and Tim Tebow. However, we now have a new person who, while some of us were certain he was an adversary, we did not fully understand. Kirk Herbstreit is that person.

Coner Riley of Dawgnation revealed that Herbie instructed Raiola to change his commitment from Georgia to Nebraska, in case you were unaware. This is what Raiola’s father had to say:

Dominic Raiola recalled, “When he saw the smoke about Dylan entertaining Nebraska, he called me.” “Hey, Is this accurate? It was up to Dylan to do it. He had to do the task. His [Herbstreit] fondness for Nebraska, that kind of guy, to come to me and support me. I realized he had to take action. However, I wasn’t going to stand here and tell you to go change that location or contribute to its change.”

Look, it doesn’t bother me that Raiola attended Nebraska rather than Georgia. He has the freedom to live his life as he pleases. Bravo for him, congrats, and all that jazz. Alright. I cleared the pleasantries out of the way. I have an issue with Herbie.

First of all, Kirk should be an analyst, not the college football league’s supreme arbiter. During a game, he is expected to watch and process what has happened or will happen. Herbie does that during the ESPN Primetime game and College Gameday. Should a high school recruit have an analyst whispering in his ear? Is there not an interest conflict there?

See, if a journalist did that, they would not only face public criticism (which is justified), but they would also lose their job! Why is Herbie exempt from the rules?

If this doesn’t worry you, I’m not sure what else to say. I can confirm that my wood is dry and my fire is started. As I write this, I’m becoming red in the face! An analyst, broadcaster, or whoever Kirk Herbstreit is supposed to be calling himself should never influence a recruit’s choice.

Herbie needs to worry about the declining ratings on College Gameday and avoid looking at prospective landing locations for recruits. Alternatively, give up pretending to be Pat McAffee, the king of drips, and try to bring back the glory days of College Gameday! Oh wait, they let go of David Pollack, one of the key players, in order to give McAfee a big contract and allow him to inject some WWE culture into college football. Regards, ESPN!

However, I’m not at all shocked that Herbie took this action. It was the 1993 Citrus Bowl that made him despise Georgia. That was the game in which the Buckeyes, starting quarterback Kirk, cost them the game late. Will Muschamp made a lighthearted fun at Herbie regarding that game during the Peach Bowl media day session, and Kirk appeared offended and saddened by Muschamp’s remarks. But then again, someone who was born on third base would expect that kind of answer. His dad was and still is an Ohio State legend, which is the sole reason he was on that squad.

Additionally, this person consistently selects against Georgia and has not predicted Georgia to win the SEC or the national championship in the previous three years. Then utters statements like, “I believe Alabama and LSU will lose this year.” Alright, Kirk!

This should infuriate Butts-Mehre’s staff as well as every fan of Georgia. Herbstreit stepped over a line that ought never to be crossed.

I have no idea why he ever took that action! His defense will probably go something like this: “Well, look, Georgia is among the top college football programs.” Kirby Smart has accomplished amazing things at Georgia.

Take a peek at their athletes in comparison to all others! In addition, they have a strong group of guys in their quarterback room and Beck back. You can’t have a college football game without Nebraska, and I thought that was a very fantastic narrative! So, to the supporters of Georgia, calm down. Come on, you have one of the strongest programs and you’ll probably win another championship soon! Nebraska probably needed him more. (Read this aloud in Kirk’s voice; it sounds just like everything he says.)

Fans of Georgia, meet our new foe. I believe that all of the Georgia supporters there should jeer Herbie whenever he speaks the next time Gameday broadcasts a game. For his transgressions against the Dawgs, Kirk Herbstreit must make amends! One of college football’s strongest voices is Georgia’s new adversary.

To round up the blog, here’s one last insult: Herbstreit, quit shoving your ugly dog down our throats! We have our own dog at home, so sometimes we’d rather watch football than yours. Thank you! In addition, I spoke with UGA and had nothing good to say about Ben.

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