June 25, 2024

It’s the Friday before the major match. Since there was a week off between the Championship round and the Super Bowl, by Wednesday it felt like we had reached the point of “analysis paralysis.” Every angle involving the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers has been reported.

I’ve been asking people in Vegas who don’t have a favorite how they think this game will turn out. In this game, there is a resounding fan base in favor of the home team. Some take a cursory look at this and wonder how Patrick Mahomes could fall short against Brock Purdy. Some have made incredibly unexpected connections that link Gematria to the reason Kansas City wins.

Many decent, knowledgeable people who follow this sport professionally think the Chiefs will win this game and lift the Lombardi Trophy on Sunday night.

Contrary to popular belief, I think the 49ers will win this game more than they did the last two postseason games—despite the fact that San Francisco was picked to defeat the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions by a score.

Speaking on Thursday, Kyle Shanahan expressed his opinion that the 49ers have not performed at their best this season. He claimed that early in the season against the Dallas Cowboys and again in the second half against the Philadelphia Eagles, the squad came dangerously near.

There seems to be a perception that the 49ers won’t win if they don’t perform at their best on Sunday. That way of thinking is incorrect and unfounded in whatever this season has shown us. Plus, it’s reasonable to predict Shanahan’s team to put up, at most, a B/B+ effort after winning two postseason games with their C-game.

I adore linking betting lines to past results of teams in comparable situations. However, you must use caution when doing so. For instance, the information we’re using is worthless or somewhat distorted, which would distort the results, if it doesn’t have Shanahan or Brock Purdy playing.

NFC Championship - Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers

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