June 23, 2024

Ronald Acuna Jr. aspires to live a brave life. According to David O’Brien of The Athletic, the Atlanta Braves player expressed his desire for a long-term contract extension and stated he hopes to play out his career with the franchise.
Acuna declared, “It’s no secret that I aspire to be a Brave for eternity.” “I’m hoping we can accomplish that quickly.”
Acuna is among the finest players in the game and the 2023 National League MVP. He earlier agreed to a deal with the Braves that will keep him in Atlanta until 2028, with 2027 and 2028 club options. Yet, Acuna appears to be seeking a long-term contract that would enable him to play for the baseball team for the remainder of his career.

After an amazing season, at the age of 26, the Braves will have to pay a hefty sum of money to lock up Acuna for the long haul. But given that Acuna has become a genuine superstar, one would think Atlanta would be open to making the transfer.

Whether Ronald Acuna Jr. and the Braves can come to an agreement on a contract will be interesting to watch. Perhaps this spring, talks about a contract extension will take place as Acuna expressed his desire to complete the task “soon.”

In 2021 and 2022, Acuna suffered with injury problems. But in both seasons, he was selected to the All-Star squad. When Acuna has been on the field, he has truly impressed. As long as he can continue to be healthy, his numbers point to a Hall of Fame career.

With Acuna under team control through 2028, the Braves are not under any obligation to extend his contract. But why wouldn’t you at least bring up the potential of signing a long-term contract if one of baseball’s finest players publicly professes a desire to do so?

Braves' Ronald Acuna Jr. smiling next to the Atlanta Braves' logo.

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