June 25, 2024

The official start of the NFL’s free agency period is not expected until March.

However, every team is examining the possible free agents and considering whom to sign.

One quarterback’s name that is being mentioned frequently is Kirk Cousins.

He appears to be the best quarterback available as a free agency, and several teams ought to show interest in him.

Cousins has a problem because he recently had a severe Achilles injury.

Although he ought to be fit to begin the season, each player recovers from an injury in a unique way.

Ari Meirov claims that Cousins would be better off joining one of two teams.

The teams are the Atlanta Falcons and the Minnesota Vikings.
According to Meirov, the cousin’s wife is from Atlanta, and the cousin enjoys playing in domes.

The Falcons have a serious need at quarterback as well.

They paraded both Taylor Heinicke and Desmond Ridder last season.

Neither performed exceptionally well, nor is the long-term fix in Atlanta
Although Cousins is about to turn 36, he might serve as the Falcons’ short-term quarterback solution as they look for a long-term replacement.

Cousins would also be able to elevate the Falcons to a competitive team in the NFC South.

However, Cousins must first determine whether or not he is prepared to leave Minnesota.

Despite his stellar years as a Viking, they might not be open to offering him a long-term contract.

One of the main topics of conversation will be Cousins’ final destination.

Kirk Cousins at Radio Row at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center ahead of Super Bowl LVIII on February 09, 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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