June 19, 2024

It’s recommended that the San Francisco 49ers reevaluate their partnership with seasoned wide receiver Deebo Samuel. For the majority of his San Francisco tenure, Samuel has been a standout player, but his efficacy is currently in doubt.

On February 16, Grant Cohn of Sports Illustrated addressed the subject. He clarifies his opinion, which is that Samuel is simply not the kind of guy that can improve the 49ers offense and quarterback Brock Purdy.

According to Cohn, “Brock Purdy doesn’t need a gimmick wide back.” Unlike [Jimmy] Garoppolo, Purdy is a quarterback who is genuinely good. Unlike Garoppolo, Purdy passes downfield with anticipation and precision.

Thus, Purdy only needs wide receivers who can get open against man-to-man coverage and perform effective routes. Samuel is not like that. That’s Jauan Jennings and Brandon Aiyuk. Wide receivers like those two are what the 49ers need more of. Deebo is no longer needed by the 49ers.
In essence, Cohn feels that Samuel was more fitting for the offense during Garoppolo’s tenure. The 49ers required players like Deebo because of Garoppolo’s deficiencies, but Purdy’s arrival has changed that.

It’s an intriguing perspective, particularly in light of the 49ers’ uncertainty at wide receiver.

San Francisco was commended for possessing a potent and varied arsenal of weapons during the season. Just the lead group of receivers, which includes Jauan Jennings, Brandon Aiyuk, and Samuel, is amazing.

On the other hand, Aiyuk is approaching the last year of his contract, while Jennings is expected to be a free agent. But offering Aiyuk a lucrative second contract could be challenging given the 49ers’ $1.5 million cap room.

At the same time, Samuel’s contract is beginning to swell. According to Spotrac, Deebo will be responsible for a $28.63 million cap hit this year. Most of it is assured, though not entirely.

They could be able to escape it by a trade, but the contract cost is so high that it would likely make negotiations difficult.
Aiyuk, Jennings, and 49ers tight end George Kittle and running back Christian McCaffrey are two more players who add variety to the mix alongside Samuel, Aiyuk, and Jennings. However, the bill is about to become due, so by fall of next year, the WR group might look very different.

Building an outstanding NFL roster is challenging, mostly due to the need for steady NFL draft success. Aiyuk is simply one more illustration of how excellent San Francisco’s front office is.

On February 13, general manager John Lynch spoke about the subject and expressed their delight in Aiyuk. Lynch acknowledges that it’s a mystery how to support everyone while yet expanding him.

Lynch remarked, “We’re really proud of what he’s become, and he should be too.” Therefore, the individuals on your team are veterans who have received excellent compensation and guys who aspire to receive the same.

One rather well-known member of our team is currently unable to receive a competitive salary due to CBA restrictions. It’s all just one giant mystery, then. Naturally, though, you would want a man like Brandon Aiyuk to be a part of you in the future.

What happens in the 49ers offseason will be revealed in how they approach that puzzle.

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel

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