June 24, 2024

Jimmy Lake and Zac Robinson have been good friends throughout their time together with the Los Angeles Rams, but they are about to have a major explosion in their relationship.

The two will collaborate closely during the summer and beyond as they take on the roles of offensive and defensive coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons, respectively.

Robinson said he expects some fantastic practice skirmishes between his units, Lake, as they get ready to see each other every day.

“I saw Zac navigate through those rough waters in a very easygoing way about himself that was a calming influence for the whole room, but then when it was just him and I also just talking ball, you’re going to get a guy that knows offensive ball, knows how to move the ball down the field, run, pass and cause a lot of problems for defenses,” Lake told reporters during his initial press conference on Wednesday. Thus, I’m excited for our upcoming head-to-head match in OTAs.Having joined the Rams in 2019, Robinson eventually worked his way up to become the quarterbacks coach and pass game coordinator in 2022. On the other hand, Lake only played one season in Los Angeles after almost ten years as a collegiate coach.

Despite their brief togetherness, Robinson and Lake share a clear vision for the Falcons: a physical, quick club that prioritizes athletes.

“We’re going to play fast because we’re going to get fast players,” Lake stated. “But they’re going to play free because they know when we call that defense they can diagnose it, they can read and react.”

Falcons Coordinators Ready to Go 'Head-to-Head'

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