June 25, 2024

The Pittsburgh Penguins appear to be prepared for a fire sale, which suggests that the season may be ended. Before the trade deadline, anyone who isn’t Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, or Kris Letang may find themselves wearing a different uniform.

But teenage forward Valtteri Puustinen, who once again displayed his offensive prowess, is a player that Pittsburgh could want to hold onto. Puustinen had a strong game and was a major factor in the Penguins forcing OT despite a crushing loss to the New York Islanders.

Throughout the entire game, Puustinen stood out by doing a lot of the little things well, making shrewd passes, and applying his skill set. Observing the extra effort, head coach Mike Sullivan gave the 24-year-old high praise.

Sullivan remarked, “I thought he was forechecking well.” “I believe he handles the puck with good poise. His offensive instincts are sound.

Puustinen had a great start to his first NHL recall of the season, scoring six points in eight games. After that, things took a turn for the worst, but this latest competition might be the beginning of something new for him.

“I believe there is an unexplored offensive element there,” Sullivan stated. “He has a really accurate stroke. I believe that with each game he plays, he improves.

Puustinen played in 23 games throughout the year, recording two goals and nine total points. Strangely, the Islanders have been the opponent for both goals.

Puustinen is still battling for a regular spot in the Penguins roster, despite the fact that he gets better every game. He wants to stay with the NHL team because he feels comfortable about himself and his game.

Puustinen remarked, “I feel like they saw me play a good game.” “Obviously, the fact that we lose makes us not feel at our best.”

Puustinen has been vying for a slot, and the chance to get regular playing time again is there. He knows his objective should support his case and is thrilled about the opportunity.

With all my work, Puustinen declared. “My goal is to score. I am glad that I scored today.

Puustinen’s goal that changed the game’s momentum and his apparent increase in speed will probably keep him in the Penguins lineup for a few more games. He won’t likely see the American Hockey League again for a while if he continues at this rate.

Penguins Have Building Block at Forward

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