June 23, 2024

On Tuesday, Ray Roberts, a current commentator for the Seahawks Radio Network and a former NFL offensive lineman, spoke with Seattle Sports’ Brock and Salk. During their talk, some intriguing insights emerged.

Fresh OC Seahawks wide receiver trio Ryan Grubb compares to UW standouts

Here are three noteworthy items to consider.

The DK Metcalf question for the Seattle Seahawks
To help the Seahawks fill other roster gaps, Mike Salk of Seattle Sports speculated this week that the team might trade Pro Bowl wide out DK Metcalf for draft picks. Does “Big Ray” believe it to be a smart move? Not exactly.
Roberts remarked, “You better make sure that JSN is that dude on the outside if you get rid of DK Metcalf.”

JSN stands for Jaxon Smith-Njigba, an Ohio State product who was selected with the 20th overall choice in the 2023 NFL Draft. In 11 games as a rookie, he had 628 receiving yards and four touchdowns; however, in 2023, he failed to have a standout performance, with his career-high for a single game standing at 63 yards.

Roberts said of Smith-Njigba, “His skill set doesn’t seem like he’s the No. 1 dude in an NFL offense, just the way I see it.” “However, DK is such a huge, huge home run player.”

The 6-foot-4, 235-pound Metcalf may be worth keeping by the Seahawks for one additional reason, according to Roberts: incoming head coach Mike Macdonald, a successful defensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens, may be a factor.

“DK is that; Mike Macdonald is bringing over that physical, get-in-your-face style of football,” he stated.

Who is the best offensive lineman for the Hawks?
The Seahawks, having selected left tackle Charles Cross with the first overall pick in 2022 (chosen by the team) and right tackle Abraham Lucas in the third round of the same draft, have two promising offensive lineman entering their third seasons in the NFL.

What is Roberts’ current opinion on them?

“I believe Charles Cross was performing better in the run game when he was healthy. In the run game, he wasn’t always such a big, strong guy—he was kind of growing into it. Additionally, I believe he will be an excellent pass defender.

He does an excellent job, in my opinion, but occasionally he gets a little too high up the field, which allows players to come beneath him. This is a technique issue, though. He seems to have everything.

However, Roberts is most impressed by Lucas. The only issue is that Lucas, an Everett native and WSU product, missed ten games last season because of a persistent knee injury.

When healthy, Abe Lucas is that offensive line’s actual true meat eater, according to Roberts. “.. You simply never know what that knee will be like.

Increasing the O-line
How is the market doing this offseason for offensive linemen?

There aren’t many excellent, elite, high-end guards and centers available in free agency, according to Roberts. “You’ll have to figure out a combination of the guys you already have and then find someone in the draft because there are only like maybe two that are decent and the rest of them are pretty much what you have on your roster.”

The good news, huh?

Roberts stated, “We’ll see what they come up with. The Seahawks have always done well trading down and getting extra picks and all that kind of stuff.”

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