June 21, 2024

Kirk Cousins stated to reporters early in the offseason that the most crucial consideration in his choice to rejoin the Minnesota Vikings was “structure.” That is, the contract’s cash value may have been overshadowed by the number of years.

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Six weeks prior, he informed reporters about a possible “hometown discount” in Minnesota. “I’ve pondered about that wonderful question for almost my entire 12-year life. It is, in my opinion, crucial to be mindful of. I believe that my financial blessings from God are beyond my expectations. Therefore, at this point in my work, money isn’t really the main concern.

In 19 days, Cousins may speak with any NFL team regarding a 2024 contract if he chooses not to re-sign with the Vikings.

“At the time, I was with a coach who was a younger coach. We were discussing the matter eight or nine years ago, prior to my first franchise tag, when he made an insightful remark. Kirk, it’s not about the money, it’s about what the money stand for, he added. That struck me as an intriguing remark that he made. That will always exist to some extent, Cousins stated at the beginning of January.

“Structure is probably more important,” the cousins continued.

Now that free agency is just a hop, skip, and leap away, ESPN’s Adam Schefter made a suggestion on Tuesday that Cousins’ choice might ultimately come down to pocketbook. The 35-year-old is known for obtaining contracts that are entirely guaranteed but are never within budget, and this round might be no exception.
On the Unsportsmanlike podcast, Schefter brought up the Cousins sweepstakes, saying, “Let’s just say, hypothetically.” This is something I made up. Kirk Cousins will get a $45 million annual salary from Minnesota. Additionally, Kirk Cousins will receive a $50 million annual salary from the Atlanta Falcons. And how do you want to handle the fact that you’re Kirk Cousins?
When Cousins ruptured his Achilles tendon in October of last year, he was unable to play at Lambeau Field and the Vikings’ hopes of making the playoffs were also dashed. He was on track to finish with 5,000 throwing yards, 38 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions at that point.

Furthermore, “$45 or $50 million” represents a significant divergence from the January “hometown discount” talker.

Schefter went on, “His agent’s responsibility is to report back to him and say, ‘Ok. Kirk. This is the environment in which you cannot be detected. It appears to be as high as Minnesota is prepared to go. A team or two might be able to solve this. What are your goals? You can choose to follow him anywhere he want to go.

After Minnesota, naturally, the Falcons are the team that people are most interested in seeing Cousins play for. These are the current Cousins’ next job DraftKings odds.

Vikings of Minnesota: -200
Falcons of Atlanta: +300
Steelers of Pittsburgh: +800
Patriots of New England: +800
Raiders in Las Vegas: +1000
The Vikings are anticipated to select a quarterback in Round 1 of April’s draft, which is nine weeks away, if Cousins pursues the theory mentioned by Schefter and does not return to Minnesota.

In August, the cousins will turn 36. John Elway was the only quarterback in NFL history to begin winning Super Bowls at the age of 36 or beyond.

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