June 13, 2024

The Denver Broncos have had Russell Wilson for a very turbulent time. Wilson agreed to a huge $245 million five-year contract extension in 2022. Even more bizarre, Wilson didn’t even get to play a down for the team when he signed the agreement.
After joining the Broncos for two seasons, his performance has fallen far short of what was anticipated of him. Denver is seeking to let go of the seasoned quarterback as a result.
Given that Wilson’s stay in Denver is probably coming to an end, many have speculated about the team he would sign with next. The Pittsburgh Steelers and Atlanta Falcons are said to have the best chances of signing Wilson.

While his next destination has been discussed, another issue has emerged. Tim Hasselbeck, an ESPN analyst and former NFL quarterback, voiced worries about Wilson’s prospects in the league. According to Hasselbeck, who was speaking on a part of “Get Up,” Wilson could not be a desirable quarterback option for any NFL team.
Hasselbeck stated, “I believe there’s a chance Russell Wilson is done playing football.” “I’m not sure if he will have a firm landing place. Since he’s older, I believe it’s reasonable to argue that his skill has declined. Regarding the leadership quality that is usually expected of a seasoned quarterback entering the game, I believe it is reasonable to have doubts.

The Broncos will incur a $85 million cap penalty if Wilson is removed. Wilson’s expected salary of millions suggests that even teams in need of a quarterback may decide against selecting him.

Tim Hasselbeck looking seriously at Russell Wilson

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