June 24, 2024

Skol Nation’s 2024 offseason is exciting because general manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah has a lot of important decisions to make. Keeping or replacing quarterback Kirk Cousins and pass-rusher Danielle Hunter, who are set to become free agents in March, ought to be his top priority. He had to add 90 men to his squad, though, and he began doing so on Wednesday.
Theo Jackson, a defender who was a standout performer in the previous season’s preseason and a free agency, was determined to be re-signed by Adofo-Mensah, the team stated. Brian Flores, the defensive coordinator, has always liked the safety.

Jackson will return for his third season in purple, but he was an exclusive rights-free agent. He was plucked from Tennessee’s practice squad by the Vikings, who acquired him in Week 6 of the 2022 season. The University of Tennessee defense was chosen by the Titans in the sixth round, about half a year prior to his arrival in Minnesota.
Due to his season-ending injury, Lewis Cine was a perfect fit for the roster space as a quick depth safety who could also play on special teams. That’s why Jackson participated in all 11 games in his first campaign, gaining 275 special teams repetitions and 18 defensive ones.

After Flores arrived, his responsibilities significantly expanded. A defensive scheme that included many looks with three or more safeties on the field was put into place by the new defensive coordinator. In his 15 games as a sophomore, Jackson played 128 defensive snaps and 260 special teams snaps. Following starters Josh Metellus, Harrison Smith, and Camryn Bynum off the bench, he was the first safety.
The Vikings’ decision to stick with six safety (Smith, Bynum, Metellus, Jackson, Cine, and Jay Ward) and only four cornerbacks was quite unexpected, but Flores’ outrageous usage of them made it seem reasonable.

There are 21 tackles and one interception on his stat sheet. It was his first interception of the season as he grabbed a throw from Jalen Hurts in Week 2.

He lined up as an outside cornerback, in the slot, and as a deep safety in the box during the season. Like Metellus, he was sent everywhere on the field.
In the following season, Jackson’s usage can increase once more. Smith, the veteran, is thinking about retiring, and Flores will definitely still have plenty of safeties. The defender is an intriguing player because of his flexibility and 4.46 40-yard sprint time. Flores is a huge fan of his ability to cover.

The first of many Vikings announcements in the upcoming months was his new contract. The 25-year-old is a strong candidate to secure one of the 53 roster positions that are sought after.

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