June 13, 2024

Compared to previous years, the Denver Broncos should have a quiet summer, but some of the biggest commotion could come from internal movements. Denver may have to let go of Garett Bolles in order to avoid spending more than $25 million over the salary cap.

In 2024, will Garrett Bolles play for the Denver Broncos?
The Broncos will need to get out from $24–25 million above the cap in the upcoming weeks in order to become salary-compliant.

A cursory look at the Broncos’ whole contract landscape presents a challenging financial picture.

The five players on the roster with the highest salary contracts are Courtland Sutton, Justin Simmons, Garett Bolles, Mike McGlinchey, and Russell Wilson. Wilson’s departure from the organization looks imminent, which will have a big impact on the salary cap and determine what the team does in free agency.
To give themselves more flexibility, the team could extend Sutton’s contract, restructure Simmons’ contract, and turn a portion of McGlinchey’s 2024 salary into a signing bonus. Although it’s a completely absurd position, some have suggested that Simmons might be a casualty of the salary cap. The team isn’t even taking it into consideration.

Bolles’ $20 million salary cap hit in 2024 makes him an intriguing name to keep an eye on in this space. Although Bolles is in the last year of his contract and that is a large price for one of the most essential positions in the league, Denver may decide to either extend Bolles’ contract or cut him given his current precarious financial circumstances.

Some financial flexibility would result from an extension. The Broncos would only be responsible for $4 million in dead money and would save $16 million if they released Bolles this offseason.

The Broncos would have more holes to fill as they try to figure out the quarterback position if Bolles were released. Any team hoping to add a new quarterback faces a challenge if they don’t have a reliable left tackle.

The Broncos are excited about undrafted rookie free agents Alex Palczewski and Demontrey Jacobs, but switching from Bolles to an unproven player would be a significant risk. According to CEO Greg Penner, the team should win greater than eight games in 2024, therefore starting an undrafted player at left tackle is a very risky move.

The NFL salary cap for 2023 was established at $224.8 million; it may rise to $240–243 million this summer, which would provide the Broncos some leeway under the ceiling.

Bolles, who had a very successful and significant 2023 season after suffering a serious injury in 2022, has expressed his desire to play for the Broncos forever, but the league’s commercial practices may make that impossible.

Fans of the Broncos should keep a watch on Bolles’ future with the team, as it is expected to be decided in the next two or three weeks.

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