June 25, 2024

Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins have been inseparable since his entry into the NHL. Sidney Crosby has made a smooth transition from Mario Lemieux.

From 2008 to the present, Pittsburgh has consistently been a contender for the Stanley Cup. But the Penguins have only won one postseason series in 2018 since winning their second back-to-back Stanley Cup in 2017.

The Penguins have since missed the Stanley Cup Playoffs in 2023 after losing in the opening round four times in a row. One of their defeats came in the 2020 Play-In Stanley Cup Playoffs bubble against the Montreal Canadiens.

Even though the Penguins are an elderly squad, Sidney Crosby manages to overcome the odds. On July 1st, Crosby can sign a contract extension with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Furthermore, there’s no reason to think he won’t sign a contract with the Penguins.

“Yes,” Crosby said to The Athletic’s Rob Rossi. “I’ve stated that for eternity. But I’m attempting to concentrate on making the playoffs right now.

Crosby is leading the Penguins to a season reminiscent of the Hart Trophy. He is exerting every effort to force his team, which is currently eight points off of the final wild-card slot in the Eastern Conference, into the playoffs.

He has 56 points (31 goals and 25 assists) in 54 games this season. That puts him four points ahead of the sidelined Jake Guentzel, who is being discussed in trade talks, and thirteen points ahead of Evgeni Malkin.
The media has been the main source of discussion on Sidney Crosby’s future in Pittsburgh. A player seldom spends their whole career with one team, but Crosby is one of those exceptions. Wayne Gretzky was now considered by many to be an Edmonton Oiler for life. But near the end of his prime, Gretzky was traded.

Even at the conclusion of his career, Crosby continues to overcome the odds. In this league, he remains a top player. The Penguins are obviously having trouble and are still playing patchy hockey. It’s starting to cause issues. whether or not he has the assistance.

The problem is with Crosby and the Penguins; if they keep losing and he is a great player, will his competitiveness cause him to declare that he does not want to spend four years on a bad club while they rebuild?

Recall that Malkin and Kris Letang signed contract extensions in large part to ensure that the three would be Penguins for life. Whatever you may believe about the circumstances, Crosby came clean and declared he had nothing to do with those people’ resignations.

And that’s how Guentzel and the Penguins are now doing. Crosby is aware that the Pittsburgh Penguins’ general manager is Kyle Dubas. Even while he isn’t considering extending his contract with the club just yet, you can bet that talks are going to begin.

“I believe they’ve spoken to him about this. Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet stated on NHL Network, “I find it very hard to believe just dealing with Dubis in Toronto as I did I have some idea of the way he prepares things.” “If he hasn’t spoken to Crosby already, I’d be shocked. If he hasn’t told him what’s on his mind and how he intends to get there. Furthermore, I’m betting you know that they can give Crosby an extension of one year before his contract expires, which is not too far off. However, you can speak with him even though you can’t extend them until July 1st of the prior year.

Sidney Crosby Wants To Be a Pittsburgh Penguin Forever

Even though anything can happen, it is doubtful that Crosby will leave Pittsburgh because they already know what it will take to keep him, particularly given his interest in competing in the 2026 Olympics.

Friedman went on, “I think the Penguins know exactly what it could look like if there’s an extension with Crosby.” “And I think the Penguins would probably already have a good idea of that if they had reason to believe Crosby wasn’t happy.”

Once more, Crosby’s first priority is getting his team to win hockey games. Still, Sidney Crosby will always be a Pittsburgh Penguin unless anything truly changes.

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