June 19, 2024

The Denver Broncos are a long way from returning to the highest level of postseason football. They are not only having trouble finding a quarterback to guide them under center, but they also have to play the Kansas City Chiefs twice a season.

Even if it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to expect the Broncos to miss another Super Bowl, it never feels good to tell the fans that their team has fewer chances than others. However, the Vegas odds suggest that they should view this year as just another rebuilding project.

According to Vegas, the Denver Broncos are extremely unlikely to win Super Bowl LIX.
The Broncos’ chances of taking home the Lombardi trophy in the following Super Bowl were discussed by the BVM Sportsdesk. Fans of the Broncos may want to turn aside, as Vegas is not too optimistic about your team’s prospects:

With +10000 chances to win the Super Bowl, the Broncos, who will have the No. 12 choice in the 2024 NFL Draft, are predicted to be among the weakest teams in the NFL this upcoming season. The defense needs a lot of work, and it doesn’t seem smart to gamble on Denver at +10000 odds without a strong quarterback option.

While it’s tough to acknowledge, the Broncos’ Sean Payton era didn’t get off to the idyllic beginning they had hoped for. The squad was ranked 22nd in passing yards allowed, 28th in passing touchdowns allowed, 30th in rushing yards allowed, and 17th in rushing TDs allowed. They were also ranked 24th in offensive passing yards, 8th in passing TDs, and 18th in offensive rushing yards.

Even though Payton and Russell Wilson’s passing totals were disappointing, it was evident to everybody that they were at odds. The Denver Broncos will need to locate the ideal replacement because it appears that the former Seattle Seahawks may be joining another team in the offseason.

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They should be ready for a backup plan in case Baker Mayfield chooses to remain in Tampa Bay, even though he might end up being the solution. Ultimately, being the starting quarterback in a division that includes Justin Herbert and Patrick Mahomes doesn’t offer many opportunities to make the playoffs to quarterbacks.

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