June 13, 2024

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Amidst the adjustment to a new coaching staff under Mike Macdonald, John Schneider and the Seattle Seahawks are aiming to catch up by initiating contract discussions with their impending free agents, including defensive tackle Leonard Williams and linebacker Jordyn Brooks, during the NFL combine.

Traditionally, Seattle would have been well into their free agency plans by the time the late February combine arrived, following their annual end-of-season meetings with players. However, this year has been marked by relative quiet on the roster planning front. The extensive coaching search, which culminated in Macdonald’s appointment as Pete Carroll’s successor, followed by a prolonged staff building process that concluded just last week, has left the team significantly behind schedule.

During his annual press conference at the combine, Schneider discussed the challenges of integrating a new coaching staff under Mike Macdonald and emphasized the importance of understanding each coach’s perspective and priorities in roster construction. With the whirlwind of changes during the offseason, including Macdonald’s appointment as Pete Carroll’s successor and a comprehensive staff building process, the Seahawks have been behind schedule in roster planning.

Despite the absence of in-person attendance from the new coaching staff at the combine, Schneider assured that the dynamic without Carroll wouldn’t differ much. He outlined his role as president of football operations, stating that he will continue to communicate with agents representing the team’s impending free agents and relay relevant information to Macdonald and the personnel department. This process remains consistent, albeit on a different timeline.

Regarding pending free agents like Leonard Williams and Jordyn Brooks, Schneider couldn’t provide specific updates due to limited communication with agents thus far. However, he reiterated the team’s desire to bring back several players, with Williams identified as a top priority given his strong performance since joining the Seahawks.

Schneider also expressed interest in extending Brooks, emphasizing the linebacker’s potential impact despite cap constraints. He highlighted other players, including Damien Lewis, Colby Parkinson, Noah Fant, Bobby Wagner, and Drew Lock, as targets for negotiations during the combine. However, given the team’s cap limitations, it may not be feasible to retain all players.

Despite the challenges, Schneider remains optimistic about retaining a majority of the team’s free agents as negotiations progress. The next few days will be crucial in determining which players could return and identifying areas for reinforcement through free agency or the NFL draft. Schneider emphasized the importance of collaboration between coaches and personnel staff in this process, ensuring alignment with the new coaching staff’s vision and preferences.

Will Seahawks Re-Sign Williams, Brooks? Schneider Weighs In

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