June 23, 2024

The Atlanta Braves are making their spring training games more accessible to fans. Despite Bally Sports airing only eight games and other networks picking up just three more, the team is stepping up by streaming all remaining home games on MLB.tv. Fans can now look forward to a Braves feed for every home game, complete with ballpark video alongside the radio commentary. This news comes as a relief to fans who were disappointed by the lack of available broadcasts for Atlanta’s previous games.

There are exceptions to the streaming plan, particularly for split squad games where the team is divided between home and away matchups. For instance, on Thursday the 29th, while the game against the Minnesota Twins will be available for streaming, the game against the Tampa Bay Rays won’t have a video stream. Despite this, the number of viewing opportunities for Grapefruit League games involving the Braves has significantly increased from eleven to twenty-one, with only a few road games currently unavailable for viewing. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the other organization may opt to start streaming these games before the scheduled dates.

All Braves Spring Training Home Games To Be Streamed Beginning Thursday

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