June 13, 2024

Interest in Blake Snell appears to be picking up momentum, with reports indicating that the Phillies are considering signing the two-time Cy Young winner, albeit on a shorter deal.

Snell previously declined a six-year, $150 million offer from the Yankees, seeking either a longer contract, a higher annual salary, or both. However, as the regular season approaches and Snell remains unsigned, the Phillies have emerged as a potential suitor, according to Bob Nightengale of USA Today.

While the Phillies initially prioritized extending Zack Wheeler, their interest in Snell suggests that they may be exploring multiple options for bolstering their rotation.

Snell’s impressive performance in 2023, where he won the NL Cy Young Award, showcased his dominance on the mound. However, teams are wary of his ability to replicate this success, given his inconsistent track record in terms of innings pitched.

Considering his options, Snell may opt for a shorter contract with opt-out clauses, akin to Cody Bellinger’s deal, to prove his worth and secure a more lucrative long-term contract in the future.

Such an arrangement would not only be a gamble for Snell but could also prove beneficial for the Phillies, as adding him to their rotation alongside Wheeler and Aaron Nola would significantly strengthen their pitching staff.

As the Phillies aim for another postseason run, acquiring Snell could be a strategic move, provided he is willing to accept a shorter-term deal given the current market conditions.

Phillies reportedly interested in two-time Cy Young winner

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