June 19, 2024

As spring training kicks off, players enter camp in good health and high spirits, but the true challenge lies in maintaining that well-being until the end of training. Inevitably, injuries occur during this period, and with Opening Day on the horizon, the reality sets in that those dealing with injuries may not be ready for the start of the season.

In a significant blow, the latest disheartening news emerges from the Red Sox camp, disclosing that their recently acquired free agent, Lucas Giolito, is dealing with a partially torn UCL and flexor tendon strain. This unfortunate development forces Giolito to sit out at least the beginning of the season, with the possibility of requiring surgery to address the tendon issue. As we survey the league, several other injuries among key pitchers and hitters across MLB are raising concerns about their readiness for the upcoming season.

Despite recently securing a lucrative two-year, $38.5 million contract with the Boston Red Sox, Lucas Giolito faces the prospect of missing the entire 2024 season. Initial reports indicate a partially torn UCL and flexor strain, a combination often leading to the necessity of Tommy John surgery.

With an opt-out clause in his two-year contract, Lucas Giolito, which he likely won’t exercise now due to the injury, had safeguarded himself against the risk of potential injury by opting for a multi-year deal. However, for the Red Sox, this investment may turn into a setback, with their prominent free agent signing potentially not taking the mound for them until well into the 2025 season. If Giolito attempts a return this year through rest and rehab, there’s the inherent risk of further injury or reduced effectiveness due to the partially torn UCL. Consequently, the Red Sox are now faced with a conspicuous void at the top of their rotation, prompting them to explore options in free agency or contemplate 2024 as a challenging season.



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