June 13, 2024

The White Sox are planning for their international acquisitions in 2025, with reports indicating their intention to sign third-base prospect Alejandro Cruz for around $2 million when the new international signing period begins on January 15, 2025. Despite his eligibility to sign in the current signing period, Cruz has opted to wait due to constraints within the White Sox’s current international budget, as per Francys Romero’s sources.

At 17 years old, Cruz is currently identified as a third baseman, although Romero previously noted this offseason that he possesses the versatility to excel in various positions. Described as a strong athlete with commendable contact skills and an arm above the norm, Cruz’s diverse abilities make him a highly compelling prospect for the organization.

Reviewing his history, Cruz was part of Cuba’s U-18 National team at a mere 16 years old last year. Romero reported that during this period, Cruz achieved a batting average of .337 (30-89), contributing six doubles, two triples, 12 RBIs, and 10 stolen bases for the team.

Regrettably, the information provided thus far represents the entirety of available details on Cruz. However, there is optimism that more insights will emerge as the upcoming signing period draws nearer.

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