June 25, 2024

As the NFL draft looms closer and draft discussions intensify, the San Francisco 49ers have received a significant number of compensatory picks. The NFL announced on Friday that the 49ers have been granted five compensatory picks for the 2024 NFL draft. These picks include selections in the third round (99th overall), fourth round (132nd overall), fifth round (175th overall), and two picks in the sixth round (211th and 215th overall).

Despite being awarded a third-round compensatory pick at No. 99 overall, the San Francisco 49ers will not retain this selection. It has been transferred to the Washington Commanders as part of the mid-season trade involving edge rusher Chase Young.

However, the 49ers are still anticipated to possess ten picks in the upcoming draft. They will have their own first, second, third, and two fourth-round picks, along with a fifth-round selection and two picks in both the sixth and seventh rounds.

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