June 13, 2024

There has been significant speculation and interest in Sidney Crosby’s future with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Despite the team’s challenges in improving, Crosby remains a highly skilled player with more to offer. Some analysts, particularly those from Canada, have been advocating for Crosby to seek opportunities elsewhere in pursuit of more Stanley Cup victories.

However, those hopes may not materialize as talks for a contract extension between Crosby and the Penguins are reportedly underway. David Pagnotta from the Fourth Period mentioned that discussions for an extension are expected to take place on July 1st. The Penguins are not currently in a rebuild phase and are actively working to make adjustments to their roster during the offseason.

Sidney Crosby’s current contract, which he signed in 2012, will conclude after the 2024-25 NHL season, during which he earns $8.7 million against the salary cap. With just one year left on his contract, Crosby will be eligible to sign an extension when free agency begins on July 1, and it’s expected that he will do so.

Despite approaching 37 years old at the start of the 2024-25 season, Crosby continues to showcase elite hockey skills. In the current season, he has recorded impressive stats with 33 goals and 35 assists in 67 games, totaling 68 points.

A new contract for Crosby would begin when he turns 38, but given his exceptional performance and leadership, he is considered a valuable asset worth retaining for the long term. Crosby’s next contract is likely to span the rest of his career, and there are no indications that he plans to leave the Pittsburgh Penguins. Regardless of the team’s performance in the standings, Crosby is expected to remain a pivotal figure leading the way for the Penguins.

Report: Penguins Looking to Extend Sidney Crosby

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