June 23, 2024

Jordan Poyer, the safety for the Miami Dolphins, did more at Oregon State than most would have predicted, including an All-American final season in 2012.

He was repeatedly passed over following that final season before the Philadelphia Eagles finally took him in the seventh round of the 2013 NFL draft.

Since then, he has played for the Buffalo Bills, who have won the division the previous four seasons, and has been selected to the Pro Bowl (2022) and First-team All-Pro (2021).

Nevertheless, Poyer signed with Miami, enabling him to work in his home state, after being cut by the organization that helped him grow into a star, he signed with Miami, enabling him to work during the off-season in his home state.

Poyer continues to play with a chip on his shoulder even after his success.

After being a unanimous All-American at Oregon State and being selected in the seventh round (218th overall), Poyer told the South Florida media, “I got cut by Philadelphia, went to Cleveland and played there for three and a half years, had a pretty bad injury, and then they didn’t want to bring me back, then played in Buffalo for seven years, and got cut with a year left on my contract.” “As I previously mentioned, this is just another fantastic opportunity for me to go out there and genuinely prove to myself, really, and to everyone else in my vicinity, that I am still capable of playing, and playing well. I can still make games better. I have a great deal of experience in this game, a great deal of experience in this division, and a great deal of experience with the people I have played and seen over the years. In the end, I want to use all of that information to help the Dolphins win football games. As I previously stated, I’m here to learn, grow, and progress as a player and a person. I’m also here to deliver the greatest version of myself to the field in order to support this team’s football team victory.

Miami wants to get past its current setbacks and For the first time in twenty years, they want to win some postseason games, and Poyer’s mindset might be just what helps them get there.

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