July 14, 2024

During Trent Brown’s introductory press conference with the Cincinnati Bengals, he didn’t shy away from addressing the challenges he faced during his time with the New England Patriots. Brown’s frustrations from last season were evident, and his recent signing of a 1-year deal with the Bengals provided him with an opportunity to express some criticism towards his former team.

When asked about a potential conversation with offensive lineman Ted Karras, who also previously played for the Patriots and was present during Brown’s arrival, and whether that influenced his decision to join the Bengals, Brown’s response hinted at underlying issues with his experience in New England.

“He expressed his love for this place,” Brown elaborated. “He mentioned that, ‘Bro, this organization is fantastic. It feels like a family here.'”

Brown also noted a significant contrast in the atmosphere between Cincinnati and his experience with the Patriots.

“When I walked into the building this morning, I saw him in the hot tub preparing for a workout. It was March 19, and the offseason program doesn’t start for almost another month. That spoke volumes to me, coming from where we were before,” Brown remarked. “It seemed like in our previous situation, people were eager to leave the facility whenever possible.”

His implication was clear: Patriots players were not inclined to spend more time at the facility than necessary, whereas in Cincinnati, players like Karras actively wanted to be around the team.

Trent Brown sees an opportunity with the Bengals to return to his Pro Bowl level of play. He believes that with Cincinnati, he can focus more on football without the distractions of off-field concerns.

“I feel like I’ll have fewer worries and can just focus on playing football. I won’t have to deal with any off-field issues and can simply enjoy coming to work every day,” he mentioned. “That aspect of fit was important to me.”

His remarks about off-field issues could indeed be interpreted as another critique aimed at his time with the Patriots.

Overall, Brown is content with joining the Bengals as it offers him a fresh start. However, he doesn’t foresee any potential reunion with the Patriots in the future, as he made it clear that door is firmly closed.

Trent Brown throws major shade at Patriots during introductory press conference with Bengals

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