June 21, 2024

Brandon Aiyuk couldn’t have picked a more opportune moment to achieve a career-best performance.

During his fourth NFL season, the standout wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers set personal records in various categories, including receiving yards (1,342), yards per reception (17.9), yards per target (12.8), and catch percentage (71.4%). Particularly impressive was Aiyuk’s ranking seventh in the NFL for receiving yards despite being 36th in targets (105) and 31st in catches (75).

Despite his breakout season, the lingering question remains: Are John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan considering offering Aiyuk a substantial contract extension?

The apparent answer to this question might seem affirmative, but the reality is more complex when considering a player who is likely to demand $50-$60 million in guaranteed money over the next four to five years. Will Aiyuk’s role in the passing game expand as players like Deebo Samuel and George Kittle age out? If not, is it prudent to commit such a substantial contract to a player on a run-first team?

The No Huddle Podcast and the 49ers Rush Podcast collaborated to delve into the discussion of Aiyuk’s value to the Niners moving forward, as well as potential adjustments to the offensive line.

How valuable is Brandon Aiyuk to the 49ers?

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