June 21, 2024

If the Minnesota Vikings find themselves outside the top four picks in this year’s draft, they may need to consider an alternative plan for addressing their quarterback situation. One potential option could be pursuing a trade for Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray.

In a mock draft published on March 26, ESPN’s Mike Tannenbaum proposed a scenario where the Cardinals move on from Murray and select J.J. McCarthy as the fourth consecutive quarterback off the board. Tannenbaum suggests that the Vikings could offer their No. 11 pick in exchange for Murray and a third-round pick from Arizona.

Tannenbaum acknowledges that the No. 11 pick alone might be too much for Murray, while the Vikings’ No. 23 pick is not enough. By including a third-round pick, Tannenbaum believes the trade could be balanced. He compares this potential trade to the Cardinals’ 2022 draft move, where they traded their first-round pick (No. 23) to the Baltimore Ravens for wide receiver Marquise Brown and a third-rounder.

From the Vikings’ perspective, Tannenbaum notes that Murray, despite concerns about his durability, would be a cheaper and younger option than re-signing Kirk Cousins. Acquiring Murray could also give the Vikings a competitive edge in the upcoming season rather than requiring them to undergo a rebuild.

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