June 21, 2024

Essendon’s aggressive style did not yield success against Sydney, but coach Brad Scott remains committed to encouraging his players to maintain their intensity in the game. Despite facing a 30-point loss against the Swans and Peter Wright receiving a four-match suspension for his mid-air collision with Harry Cunningham, the Bombers’ coach emphasized the importance of maximum effort from his team.

Scott expressed satisfaction with his players’ determination and competitiveness during the match, emphasizing their focus on giving their all every week. He highlighted the team’s emphasis on giving maximum effort and staying focused on the ball and the contest, regardless of external perceptions or labels such as a “facade.”

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In reviewing the game, Scott acknowledged that despite the high level of effort from his team, they were outplayed by Sydney on that particular day.

“Sydney performed better than us, and we’ve identified areas where we can improve. However, I was encouraged by the increased intent and effort displayed by our players,” Scott commented.

He emphasized the importance of maintaining a competitive edge, particularly in the contest.

“We’re very clear on what we’re aiming for. It’s about giving our all in the contest, and this game demands physicality,” he explained.

Scott pointed out that successful teams, such as the Swans, have historically excelled in physicality, and the key is to channel that aggression appropriately.

“Managing emotions and directing aggression in a positive manner is something we emphasize. While it’s a contact sport, it’s crucial to regulate emotions effectively,” Scott added.

He also noted that while the team is not yet at their desired level, the aspiration is to become a formidable force by maintaining intensity and giving maximum effort in every contest.

Scott expressed the belief that Essendon had no viable path to challenge Peter Wright’s suspension under the current regulations.

The club contended that Wright’s punishment should have been limited to a three-match ban, as he took steps to minimize the severity of Harry Cunningham’s injury and showed remorse afterward.

Scott explained that Essendon feared a potential six-match or longer suspension if Wright had pleaded not guilty, and they deemed it impractical to argue against the charge.

“The AFL has clarified the rules to a degree where even top legal minds in our country struggle to find grounds for contesting the charge,” Scott stated during a press conference.

“We strongly encourage our players to prioritize the ball, and we maintain that Pete did just that. He had to make a split-second decision, and sometimes, players may slightly misjudge such situations.”

Mason Redman is set to make a comeback from suspension for the upcoming match against St Kilda on Saturday, and Darcy Parish will also be available following a two-game absence due to a hamstring injury.

Andrew McGrath was seen running laps on Wednesday as he continues his recovery from an ankle issue, while Will Setterfield remains sidelined with a knee problem.

Jake Kelly is expected to return after recovering from an illness, and Harry Jones is being considered as a potential replacement for Peter Wright.

Dylan Shiel is slated to play in the VFL after being withdrawn from the Bombers’ reserves last week.

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