June 24, 2024

After the initial flurry of free agency activity, the Falcons find themselves in a flexible position leading up to April’s draft.

Terry Fontenot, the team’s GM, emphasizes the importance of addressing roster needs prior to the draft to avoid reaching for players. This approach allows the Falcons to remain adaptable, whether it involves maneuvering in the draft or selecting the best available player regardless of position.

At present, Fontenot still identifies cornerback, edge rusher, and wide receiver as areas needing attention, although the team’s current roster is relatively stable. However, if the team heads into the draft with its current makeup, it would be surprising.

Atlanta Falcons turn attention to defense after years of struggles - The  Atlanta Voice

In Matt Miller‘s latest seven-round mock draft, he has the Falcons targeting their most pressing needs:

1. **Dallas Turner, DE, Alabama (8th overall pick):** With the offensive side of the ball seemingly settled, the Falcons focus on bolstering their defense with Turner. His impressive college career stats and potential impact on the pass rush make him a valuable addition to the team, addressing a significant need.

2. **Kool-Aid McKinstry, CB, Alabama (43rd overall pick):** Building on the defensive upgrade, McKinstry joins the Falcons to strengthen their cornerback corps. Despite concerns about a foot injury, McKinstry’s athleticism and skills make him a viable option to bolster the secondary.

3. **Michael Hall, DT, Ohio State (74th overall pick):** Hall’s standout pro day performance catches the Falcons’ attention, and they add him to their defensive line rotation, providing depth and potential alongside Grady Jarrett.

4. **Junior Colson, LB, Michigan (79th overall pick):** Colson’s athleticism and versatility make him an appealing choice for the Falcons, addressing a need for a rangy linebacker who can contribute immediately.

In the later rounds, the Falcons shift their focus to the offensive side of the ball:

5. **Tanor Bortolini, C, Wisconsin (109th overall pick):** Adding depth to the offensive line, Bortolini provides insurance at the center position.

6. **Bub Means, WR, Pitt (143rd overall pick):** Means offers depth and potential at wide receiver, contributing to the team’s receiving corps.

7. **Jordan Travis, QB, Florida State (187th overall pick):** Looking toward the future, the Falcons select Travis as a developmental quarterback behind Kirk Cousins, providing competition and depth at the position.

8. **Walter Rouse, OT, Oklahoma (197th overall pick, acquired via trade with Cleveland):** Rouse adds depth and competition at the tackle position, rounding out the Falcons’ draft selections.

Overall, the Falcons address key needs on both sides of the ball while also planning for future roster development with their draft selections.

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