June 23, 2024

Jack Wighton has strongly defended South Sydney coach Jason Demetriou against what he considers unwarranted criticism, revealing that the scrutiny on the club prompted him to step away from social media.

Wighton delivered an outstanding performance as the Rabbitohs secured their first victory of the season on Good Friday, scoring two tries in his second appearance for the team against Canterbury.

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Reflecting on his debut for Souths, where they suffered a heavy defeat against the Roosters, Wighton admitted feeling embarrassed. However, he emphasized that the pressure on Demetriou, particularly after the team’s poor finish to the previous season, was unjust.

Expressing empathy for Demetriou, Wighton praised him as a great person and coach, stating that the criticism directed at him was undeserved.

Wighton rejected claims of a lack of effort from the team, emphasizing that while there was effort, it wasn’t synchronized, resulting in their losses. Despite the challenging start, Wighton expressed pride in securing a win for the team and for Demetriou.

Transitioning to life at South Sydney amid the heightened scrutiny in Sydney, Wighton acknowledged the tough initiation but remains focused on contributing positively to the team’s fortunes.

The former Canberra Dally M winner acknowledged feeling surprised by the intense scrutiny surrounding the club, which has been consistently making headlines on the back pages for the past month.

“I now understand what it means to be at a prominent club like Souths,” Wighton remarked.

“At the start of this week, I decided to delete Instagram from my phone so I could disconnect from everything.

“I believe in surrounding myself with positivity and positive influences, and that’s not where I was at this week, so I made that decision.

“While Canberra has a rich history, Souths, being the oldest club in the NRL and situated in the heart of Sydney, naturally faces heightened expectations and pressure to perform.”

Wighton’s impressive performance, including his two tries, showcased the potential of Souths’ potent left edge for the season.

Although winger Alex Johnston also managed to find open space for the first time this year, there are concerns about a hamstring injury he sustained late in the game.

Jack Wighton is in a much happier place after the win over Canterbury and quitting social media. (Mark Evans/AAP PHOTOS)

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