June 19, 2024

AFL Senior Coach Michael Voss remarked that participating in the Good Friday SuperClash offered valuable perspective to the Club this week. He noted that his team embraced this perspective during their Friday evening match at Marvel Stadium. Additionally, Voss praised the consistent performance displayed by the Blues in Round 3 against the Roos, while also acknowledging the importance of celebrating the “real heroes” of the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Michael Voss had doubts before Blues' AFL revival | The Northern Daily  Leader | Tamworth, NSW

“We consider ourselves very fortunate to be part of this game, and we don’t take it for granted. Throughout the week, our focus has been on recognizing the real heroes we have here, including Ollie, who has been an inspiration to us despite facing his own challenges in recent years. Having him and his family around has been incredibly uplifting for us.”

Regarding the positives of the game:
“I was pleased with the consistent performance we displayed. Our goal was to show respect not only for the game itself but also for our opponents. We were well aware of their capabilities after watching them play last week and their ability to create scoring opportunities from their defensive half. Despite a few moments of pressure, we maintained our consistency throughout the game and capitalized on our opportunities.”

On the forwards:
“Harry McKay and Charlie Curnow performed admirably, but it’s important to acknowledge the collective effort of the team. Our focus was on distributing the workload evenly, particularly among our ground-level players who played a crucial role in transitioning the ball out of our defensive half. Our small forwards were particularly impressive today, not only in their defensive efforts but also in their ability to contribute to the scoreboard. It was pleasing to see 11 different players kick goals today, demonstrating the team’s ability to share the responsibility when needed, which was a key aspect of our performance.”

Regarding Charlie Curnow:
“Charlie sustained a minor ankle injury late in the game, but he’s doing well. With only five minutes remaining, we decided to rest him as a precautionary measure. He received treatment for his ankle, and we didn’t want to risk aggravating the injury further.”

On Caleb Marchbank:
“Caleb is currently in concussion protocols, following the necessary guidelines for his recovery.”

Discussing Harry McKay:
“Harry faced his share of challenges last year, but he’s shown tremendous resilience and growth. He’s worked hard to refine his game and has emerged as a more confident player. His dedication and efforts in previous pre-seasons have paid off, and we’re now seeing the results of his commitment.”

On selection decisions:
“I’m prepared to have difficult conversations regarding selection if necessary. Competition for positions within the team creates momentum and drives players to perform at their best. We’ve been diligent in our preparations leading up to this point, utilizing the bye week to rest mentally and physically. The players have shown great professionalism in their approach to training, and we aim to establish ourselves as a consistent team both at home and away.”

Scans Confirm Fracture For Caleb Marchbank | Triple M

Regarding Elijah Hollands:
“Since joining the club, Elijah has demonstrated a strong work ethic and earned the respect of his teammates through his dedication. He’s performed exceptionally well during the pre-season, ranking among the top three players. Tonight, he showcased his abilities in a role he’s likely to play frequently, making a significant impact on the game.”

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