June 23, 2024

Jacob Weitering suffered a high-grade calf strain on 12 January, and at that time, his return to the field seemed distant, according to his own admission. Exactly 11 weeks later, he made his 2024 debut for Carlton, playing a crucial role in a significant victory for the team.

Calf injury leaves star Carlton Blues defender Jacob Weitering 'on the  edge' for Opening Round

Speaking after the match, Weitering expressed his happiness at being back on the field, despite acknowledging that his on-field demeanor might have seemed overly intense. He shared his thoughts during the post-match People’s Presser, highlighting his joy at contributing to the team’s success and expressing gratitude to his teammates for making his job easier.

During his time on the sidelines, Weitering remained engaged by assisting in coaching Carlton’s younger defenders and combining it with his rehabilitation efforts. Reflecting on the initial injury, he admitted feeling devastated initially but found solace in the perspective provided by his friend Sam Docherty.

The opportunity to return to the field in a game as significant as the Good Friday SuperClash, which symbolizes the positive aspects of football beyond the game itself, was meaningful for Weitering. He emphasized the importance of focusing on the bigger picture and finding gratitude amidst challenges, making the rehabilitation process more manageable.

In his return match, Weitering performed solidly, tallying 18 disposals, two contested intercept marks, and nine spoils, the highest in the game. While he viewed his performance as decent, he aimed to improve with more game time and expressed appreciation for the efforts of his teammates, particularly the younger players who stepped up in his absence.

“We have a deep backline, one that feels more connected than in previous years. We’ve put in a lot of work on that front, and it’s an exciting development for us.”

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