June 13, 2024

The Minnesota Vikings have suspended offensive coordinator Wes Phillips without pay for a period of three weeks, starting from Tuesday. This decision comes after Phillips pleaded guilty on February 15 to careless driving following his arrest on December 8 for suspected drunken driving.

Phillips’ suspension coincides with the beginning of the Vikings’ offseason workout program, commencing on April 15. The duration of the suspension aligns with the NFL’s customary penalty for first-time DUI offenders, indicating that further discipline from the league is unlikely.

The incident leading to Phillips’ suspension occurred when he was pulled over for speeding on Interstate 394 in Minneapolis, where he recorded a blood-alcohol level of 0.10%, surpassing the state’s legal limit of 0.08%.

Despite coaching in the Vikings’ subsequent game against the Raiders and continuing through the regular season, Phillips expressed acceptance of any ensuing consequences, as did coach Kevin O’Connell, who conveyed disappointment at the time.

Although Phillips will not miss any games in the 2024 season due to the suspension, the timing is significant, coinciding with the start of the team’s offseason activities and critical preparations for the upcoming NFL draft.

This period includes discussions leading up to the draft and key interactions with potential prospects, impacting the team’s strategic decisions, particularly regarding the quarterback position following Kirk Cousins’ departure.

Phillips is scheduled to resume his duties on April 23, just before the draft commences, albeit missing substantial pre-draft activities and engagement with draft prospects in Eagan.

The Vikings suspended offensive coordinator Wes Phillips for three weeks, beginning April 15, after he pled guilty to a careless driving charge in Feb

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