June 25, 2024

French striker Olivier Giroud is set to have a bustling summer ahead. The all-time leading scorer for the French national team is anticipated to play a pivotal role for Les Bleus in the European Championship, followed by a move to LAFC in the MLS after his contract with AC Milan expires. Reports indicate that Giroud has agreed to an 18-month deal with LAFC, aiming to contribute to the team’s quest for playoff qualification alongside fellow 2018 World Cup winner Hugo Lloris.

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Despite being 37 years old, Giroud’s form this season with Milan suggests that he can still perform at a high level. With 14 goals and nine assists to his name so far, he fulfills a pressing need for LAFC, which lacks a top-tier No.9 to complement last year’s Golden Boot winner Denis Bouanga.

Giroud’s impending arrival in LA not only adds to the team’s attacking prowess but also brings a touch of elegance and allure to the city known for its fascination with celebrities. However, while Giroud’s signing is significant, it may not generate the same level of excitement as past marquee signings like David Beckham.

To truly capitalize on the growing interest in MLS, the league might need to set its sights on securing the next international superstar, with Antoine Griezmann emerging as a prime candidate.

Griezmann, who has expressed his desire to play in MLS before retiring, presents a unique opportunity for the league. Unlike many previous imports motivated primarily by financial gains, Griezmann’s interest in MLS seems rooted in his genuine appreciation for American sports culture.

He has been seen attending NBA and NFL games, displaying a deep affinity for American sports beyond soccer.

While Griezmann’s current contract with Atletico Madrid runs until 2026, his ongoing peak performance and genuine interest in MLS make him a highly coveted target for the league. Despite being 33 years old, Griezmann continues to excel on the field, showcasing his technical prowess and tactical acumen with impressive stats in La Liga.

In summary, while Giroud’s imminent move to LAFC adds firepower to the team’s attack, MLS may need to pursue players like Griezmann to further elevate its status and capture the imagination of fans worldwide.

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