June 25, 2024

The Seattle Seahawks have added a promising young quarterback to their roster in Sam Howell, known for his strong arm and fearless style of play.

Howell is set to take over as Geno Smith’s primary backup, succeeding Drew Lock in that role. General manager John Schneider has praised Howell’s playing style, recognizing his strengths while also acknowledging areas where he can improve. Like many young quarterbacks known for their arm strength, Howell has faced challenges with ball security, evident from his 21 interceptions and league-leading 65 sacks in the 2023 season.

Despite these obstacles, Howell is determined to refine his game and play smarter if given another opportunity to start. In a recent interview on ESPN Radio Seattle, he emphasized his commitment to addressing these shortcomings, acknowledging the need to make better decisions on the field.

Howell’s journey parallels that of other quarterbacks, like Geno Smith, who faced early career struggles but eventually found success in the league. Comparisons have also been drawn between Howell and Baker Mayfield, recognizing Mayfield’s ups and downs since being drafted first overall. However, like Mayfield’s resurgence with the Buccaneers last season, there’s optimism that the Seahawks can help Howell reach his full potential and succeed in the NFL.

New Seahawks QB makes bold future promise

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