June 24, 2024

The sentiment among Atlanta Braves fans regarding Liberty Media’s ownership has shifted positively in recent years, thanks to the team’s success with six consecutive division titles and a World Series win. While some fans have longed for a return to the days of free-spending owners like Ted Turner or Steve Cohen, most agree that the Braves are currently in a strong position.

However, there have been murmurs suggesting that Liberty Media might be considering selling the Braves, particularly after the decision to spin off the team into a separate entity with its own publicly traded stock. While there were no immediate signs of Liberty Media Chairman John Malone looking to sell the team following this restructuring, the move certainly caught the attention of observers.

Now, there appears to be even more speculation about a potential sale of the Braves, fueled by the predictions of a prominent financial analyst. This isn’t merely idle speculation for clicks; it stems from Rosenblatt Securities, a respected securities firm, actively adjusting their financial outlook for the Braves’ stock upward to $53 a share.

Moreover, they have publicly stated their belief that a billionaire is likely to purchase the team in the near future. This prediction carries weight, as it comes from a reputable financial institution willing to stake their reputation on it.

The rationale behind this concept is relatively straightforward. By separating the Braves as an independent entity, the tax implications associated with selling the team become significantly less burdensome once the new company has been in existence for a year or two.

With the split from Liberty Media occurring last summer, it suggests that the likelihood of selling the Braves increases substantially within the next 6-12 months. Rosenblatt Securities, along with other financial observers, appears to interpret these developments, alongside potentially undisclosed factors, as indicating that a wealthy individual or ownership consortium may soon make a move to acquire the Braves.

Speculating on the potential buyers is challenging, given the allure of the Braves as a lucrative investment opportunity. The team ranks among the most valuable franchises in Major League Baseball and continues to see an upward trajectory in value. Even notable investors like Warren Buffet have expressed interest, with his company acquiring a significant stake in November 2023.

While it’s uncertain who specifically might pursue ownership of the Braves, the actions taken by Liberty Media and the Braves in the past year suggest that a sale is more feasible than before, even if the outcome ultimately hinges on corporate strategy rather than any immediate transaction.

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