June 24, 2024

Collingwood Football Club is excited to announce a new partnership with CyberCX, Australia’s leading cyber security provider. This two-year collaboration will see CyberCX become Collingwood’s official Cyber Security partner, featuring prominently on the Club’s digital platforms, including the Collingwood App.

Given the increasing importance of cyber security in today’s technological landscape, CyberCX will play a crucial role in assisting Collingwood in safeguarding its digital assets. Beyond offering cyber security education and awareness programs, CyberCX will provide support through various systems and tools aimed at defending against cyber threats.

As part of the partnership, CyberCX will conduct educational sessions for Collingwood staff and players across both the AFL and AFLW programs, enhancing their awareness and preparedness in cyber safety.

Collingwood CEO Craig Kelly expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, highlighting the shared commitment of both organizations to protecting the community. He welcomed CyberCX CEO John Paitaridis and his team to the Collingwood family, expressing confidence in the partnership’s ability to bolster cyber resilience.

John Paitaridis, CEO of CyberCX, emphasized the significance of the partnership in addressing the growing cyber threat landscape facing the global sporting sector. He stressed the importance of enhancing cyber resilience within sporting organizations to mitigate the potential impacts of cyber incidents.

Together, Collingwood and CyberCX aim to promote cyber safety and strengthen the club’s defenses against cyber threats, ensuring the protection of its digital infrastructure and the broader community.

CyberCX stands as the foremost provider of comprehensive cyber security and cloud services. Boasting a workforce of 1,400 dedicated cyber security professionals, CyberCX serves as a reliable ally to both private and public sector entities. Their mission revolves around empowering customers to effectively manage cyber risk, swiftly respond to incidents, and fortify resilience amid the ever-evolving and intricate threat landscape.

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