June 19, 2024

The recent victories of the Montreal Canadiens against formidable opponents like the Florida Panthers and the Colorado Avalanche have been notable achievements for the team, especially considering their current position outside the playoff race. These wins, although they may not drastically alter their playoff prospects, serve as positive indicators of the team’s potential, particularly given their youthful roster.

Veteran goalie Jake Allen confident he's part of the Canadiens' future |  Montreal Gazette

Furthermore, the performances of goaltenders Samuel Montembeault and Cayden Primeau have been commendable since the departure of Jake Allen. Despite differing win-loss records, both goalies have posted impressive statistics since March 8, reflecting their reliability between the pipes. The emergence of a potential goaltending competition between the two further underscores the team’s depth in this crucial position.

However, there arises a question regarding whether Allen’s presence may have hindered Montreal’s playoff aspirations this season. While Allen has shown competence with his new team in New Jersey, his performance in Montreal has been less stellar, with only six victories in 21 games. This comparison raises speculation about Allen’s impact on the Canadiens’ goaltending dynamic and overall performance this season, especially given the contrasting performances of Montembeault and Primeau.

Considering the solid performances of Samuel Montembeault and Cayden Primeau this season, it’s reasonable to speculate on the potential impact if Jake Allen had maintained a similar level of success. With both Montembeault and Primeau boasting more wins than losses in regulation time, it raises the question of how the Montreal Canadiens’ season might have unfolded if Allen had achieved a comparable record, such as 10-8-3.

By extrapolating from the improved performance of the goaltenders post-Allen’s departure, it’s conceivable that the Canadiens could have accrued an additional eight points in the standings. This hypothetical scenario would have put them in a position to contend for a playoff spot with 78 points, albeit with a slim chance.

While it may seem speculative to suggest that the Canadiens would have made the playoffs if Allen hadn’t played a single game this season, the immediate success of Montembeault and Primeau after the conclusion of the three-way goaltending situation lends some credibility to this notion. However, it’s important to acknowledge the uncertainties inherent in such speculation, as it’s impossible to predict how goaltenders would perform over an entire 82-game season.

Nevertheless, the promising performances of Montembeault and Primeau offer hope for the Canadiens’ future playoff prospects, potentially signaling a return to playoff contention in the upcoming seasons.

Jake Allen may have ruined the Canadiens’ playoff hopes this season

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