June 19, 2024

The New England Patriots are actively scouting multiple quarterbacks for top-30 visits in their quest to secure a future franchise player for the pivotal position. Following reports of LSU’s Heisman-winning quarterback Jayden Daniels visiting the team yesterday, another promising prospect in the same position group is set to meet with the Patriots today.

Why Drake Maye 'Would Be the No. 1 Pick in Like 80% of Drafts'

Drake Maye, the quarterback from the University of North Carolina, is scheduled for a visit with the Patriots on Friday, April 5th. As the NFL Draft approaches, speculation abounds regarding the top picks, with Caleb Williams widely anticipated to be selected first overall by the Chicago Bears. However, the decisions surrounding the second pick (Washington Commanders) and third pick (New England Patriots) are still being deliberated. Both Jayden Daniels and Drake Maye are considered potential candidates to be selected next in the quarterback lineup, though their exact order remains uncertain.

In addition to Maye’s visit, the Patriots are also hosting Blake Fisher, an offensive tackle from Notre Dame, for a top-30 visit today, as per sources.

Drake Maye’s visit to the New England Patriots adds another layer of intrigue to the ongoing speculation surrounding the NFL Draft. Maye has been a prominent figure in mock drafts, with his stock fluctuating alongside other players in the mix.

At his Pro Day at UNC, Maye impressed NFL coaches and scouts with a stellar performance, completing 69 out of 74 scripted throws, with only three being true misthrows.

The Patriots’ draft strategy may hinge on the decisions made by the Washington Commanders with the second overall pick. If Jayden Daniels is selected second, Maye could be the Patriots’ target at third. Conversely, if Maye is chosen second, Daniels may be expected to go third overall.

However, the Patriots have the flexibility to shake things up, potentially trading back if their preferred prospect is not available at the third selection.

Regardless of the outcome, the Patriots stand to benefit from addressing their roster needs, with quarterback improvement being a key priority among several areas requiring attention.

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