June 21, 2024

Las Vegas Raiders cornerback Jack Jones made use of his free time over the weekend to voice his opinions, particularly targeting New England Patriots fans in a series of tweets.

He criticized them for their fickleness, citing former Patriots quarterback Mac Jones as an example. In one tweet, he highlighted the fluctuating opinions towards Mac Jones, contrasting the fans’ love and criticism for him.

Additionally, Jones addressed perceptions about himself, expressing frustration over being labeled negatively by Patriots fans. He also commented on Mac Jones’ apparent happiness since joining the Jacksonville Jaguars, referencing a recent video where the former Patriots quarterback discussed his passion for rapping, suggesting he feels more liberated to express himself outside of New England.

Jack Jones concluded his criticism of Patriots fans and reporters by dismissing their reactions with a “cry me a river” remark, effectively ending the conversation. His tenure with the New England Patriots came to an end when he was waived during last November’s season. The decision followed his benching due to reportedly missing curfew, with his playing time significantly reduced thereafter.

In a separate incident last summer, before the season commenced, Jones faced legal trouble when he was arrested at a security checkpoint at Logan International Airport for allegedly attempting to board a flight with firearms. However, he was released on $30,000 bail, and the charges were eventually dropped as part of a plea deal.

Since joining the Raiders and reuniting with his former high school coach, Antonio Pierce, Jack Jones has shown glimpses of the promising playmaker he was during his time in New England in 2022.


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