June 25, 2024

Following their loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl, some San Francisco 49ers fans were quick to accuse the game of being rigged. Now, former 49ers safety Donte Whitner has joined the chorus of voices suggesting foul play.

Whitner made these controversial claims during an appearance on the “Up & Adams” show, alleging that the 49ers were up against not only the Chiefs but also the referees.

He pointed to instances in the game where he believes the officiating favored the Chiefs, including what he described as bear hugs on defensive ends. Whitner even went as far as to claim that the 49ers played against “Taylor Swift, the refs, and the Kansas City Chiefs” during the Super Bowl.

Many NFL fans took to social media to criticize Whitner for his accusations, arguing that the San Francisco 49ers had numerous chances to win the game and that blaming the referees is just making excuses. Some fans pointed out that the 49ers benefited from significant calls in the fourth quarter and overtime of the Super Bowl.

One fan expressed frustration, stating, “All these dudes do is cry,” while another responded, “This is loser mentality. The Chiefs won because they played the game the right way and they also knew the OT rules. Both teams played well and the better team won. The refs had nothing to do with it. Stop with that!”

Despite the absence of holding calls against the Chiefs, fans emphasized that the referees did not prevent the 49ers from seizing victory. Instead, they asserted that the team failed to capitalize on their opportunities, unlike the Chiefs, who capitalized when it mattered most.

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